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Lightning protection expanded metal mesh

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DEXMET precision expanded metal mesh is very light and thin, has uniform openings and a good current guiding effect. As an excellent conductive medium, it can conduct current to clear static electricity, and protect the underlying carbon fiber material in the field of wind power generation. The replacement of flashers and baffles has a very significant advantage in lightning protection of wind turbine blades. The lightning protection technology of aircraft with DEXMET’s precision expanded metal mesh has been refined and applied abroad for many years. As the only designated supplier of Boeing, DEXMET’s Unique production process and precision have innumerable advantages. We can produce more than 100,000 combinations of various materials, and can be designed according to customer needs. The product has ISO9001, AS9100 multinational authority certification.

DEXMET metal mesh electrical properties:

1、High conductivity, apertures reach conductivity of 200,000 amps

2、Excellent shielding, electrical conductivity, and heat transfer performance

3、Both lightning protection and electromagnetic interference prevention

4、Can withstand repeated lightning strikes

DEXMET metal mesh physical properties:

1、Light flexible and ductile

2、Single structure, formed all by one piece, eliminating the possibility of mesh breakage and sudden resistance fluctuations

3、Uniform openings and thickness, making the surface smooth and adhesives easier to penetrate

4、Flexibility in design and weight according to different structures and requests

5、Reduced material costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs.

Aluminum mesh material implementation standards:ASTM B373 Revision 2006 99.45% Aluminum

Copper mesh material implementation standards:ASTM B152 Revision 2013 99.9% Copper


■Superior lightning protection technology and application

■High conductivity that meets specific requirements

■Convenient for dry and wet paving, with tight structure and no de-lamination after solidification

■Easily repaired, reduced repair time and reduced maintenance costs

Applications in Components:

Wind turbine blades, blade tips, carbon heating de-icing devices, carbon structures ; Aircraft fuselage, wings, rudders, spoilers, vertical tails, ailerons, flaps, wing and engine nacelles, blades, fairings, etc.

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