Lightning protection for wind power & aerospace

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Aircraft operate in extreme conditions such as ultra-high and, ultra-low temperatures, high vacuum, high stress and face corrosion. In addition to relying on optimized structural design, they rely on the properties and functions of high quality, reliable materials.

The super light and precise Dexmet extended mesh is created with an even, open area, which is conductive and clears static electricity. The conductivity of the opening can reach 200,000 Amps and can withstand repeated lightning strikes. The extended mesh is incorporated onto the surface of airplane structure. Lightning energy is dissipated on the micro-metal surface to prevent damage to the underlying composite.

Using the common three-level lightning protection schematic diagram, the mesh could be placed on the fuselage, airfoil, rudder, SPLR, vertical tail, aileron, flap, gap wing and engine nacelle, etc.

As the sole designated supplier of Boeing, Dexmet is also the preferred lightning protection material for Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. Please refer to the corresponding materials in the diagram and contact us for more detailed, application information.

Traditionally, wind turbine blades have exceeded 50 meters or even longer in length, and the blade structure has gradually evolved from traditional glass fiber structures into carbon fiber structures. Carbon fiber can reduce weight, improve overall blade strength, and features low conductivity. If there is no proper lightning protection, blades are susceptible to serious damage caused by lightning strikes. As a replacement for lightning protection this mesh provides significant advantages and can be applied to the tips of blades, the heater de-icing area, and girder of the blade.

DEXMET extended metal mesh is made in accordance with requirements of high conductivity, and convenience for dry and wet paving. The DEXMET structure is compact, has no delamination, is easy to repair, and thus reduces maintenance costs and downtime. We have applied this product to domestic and overseas blades, including those from Goldwind Technology, Mingyang, Sinoma Science and Technology, and LZ.

All the meshes can be customized with different open area ratios, precise conductivity and a variety of materials.