Electromagnetic shielding

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With the development of electronic technology, more and more advanced and sophisticated electronic devices such as command and control systems, communication systems, detection and early warning systems, and radar systems are installed on the cabin. These electronic devices are usually made of transistors or integrated circuits. They are susceptible to electromagnetic interference and are susceptible to electromagnetic pulse damage, so the dedicated compartment must provide adequate electromagnetic shielding protection for its internal electronics.Composite materials have become a major trend in the main materials of cabins. A large number of carbon fibers are used to achieve strength and lightweightness. It is well known that carbon fiber is a good conductor, however isn’t effective once made into a composite.

The attenuation of electromagnetic shielding reaches 60 decibels or more, and the requirement is even higher than 80 decibels. The high-precision expanded metal mesh of Dexmet is an internationally proven material. The unique precision extension technology makes the metal mesh structure firm and stable, and together with the composite material as the main shielding material of the cabin, DEXMET's precision extension technology has always been the global leader. It is the only one in the world that can reduce the thickness of the extended material to 0.025mm and pore size down to 25 microns meet the specific requirements of specific weight, open area and conductivity.

The products are AS9100, ISO9001 multi-nationally recognized, all raw materials are in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM standard. Based on 15 years of experience in the industry, Dalian Yibang has configured different weights of copper and nickel mesh for high-frequency shielding and low-frequency magnetic shielding. The unique stretch-stretching process enables the product to have an open grid structure and achieve structurality. Shielding; the electromagnetic shielding position of the cabin is roughly divided into the cabin, doors and windows, orifices, vents, signal ports and power ports.We have designed and developed a whole cabin shielding solution, including high shielding windows or transparent shielding film applied to the window, honeycomb shielding ventilation for the vents, wire mesh for the seams. In addition, we can also provide shielding materials such as conductive adhesives, conductive coatings and shielding sealants.

A wide range of shielding materials provide a cost-effective, high-shield solution for all your cabin needs. All products can be selected from different materials and designed to the desired shape. Among them, the DEXMET metal mesh has been tested for shielding effectiveness according to the GJB6190-2008 method; within the 100k-18G frequency, the shielding effect is quite good, the performance of the double layer is improved by about 5db. Different product combinations can meet 40dB and 60dB requirements respectively.

Our products have been successfully used in medical, marine, aerospace and other applications. Please contact us for more detailed information.