Weight reduction of cable & wire

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Aviation cables generally include four categories: aviation power grid installation lines and power cables (about 80%), aircraft engine area high temperature and heat resistant cables, aviation communication data cables, and aviation special cables.

With the large-scale use of electromagnetic sensitive equipment on modern aircraft, the shielding effectiveness of the wire must be top quality. The shielding layer and the overbraids also occupy a large weight ratio. Using the American SYSCOM ultra-light metallized wire as the cable shielding layer in conjunction with the braided anti-wave sleeve can reduce weight by 80% in relation to existing performance. Compared with the metal-based material, it can not only greatly reduce the weight, but also enhance the mechanical properties and fatigue resistance, as well as provide high temperature resistance and significant electromagnetic shielding.

It has been successfully applied to the overbraid and shielding layers of Boeing 787, helicopters, robot cable shields, and more. We welcome all inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly